Due to an unexpected relocation we

have been forced to reexamine our

choice of tours,


We have succesfully made a new set of

tracks but as yet not been able to

construct a track of 8 to 10 kilometers.


”The long tour"  - which will be called

Baltos Track”  is for the time being ”under construction”.


At this moment we offer:


• Tour Skorpans Snirkel (5-10 minutes) 135:-  / 115:- 11-14 years / 85:- pp. 40kr groupdiscount when the total amount exceeds 430:- (min.price: 300:-)


• Tour Lazy Lupus Slinga (15-20 minutes) 200:- pp. / 115:- pp children up to 10 years. 50 kr groupdiscount when the total amount exceeds 750:- (min.price: 600:-)


• Tour Fenrisulvens Strövstig (25-30 minutes) 300:- pp / 200:- pp children up to 10 years.

 100kr groupdiscount when the total amount exceeds 1150:- (min.price: 800:-)


Baltos Track (> 40 minuter) can be booked but right now we cannot guarantee that we can run this tour.

If that is not the case, we will change it to our Fenrisulvens Strövstig, which is right now the longest.

The minumum age for participants of Baltos Track will be 8 years. 

Price (for bookings after 1/1 2019): 650:- pp / 450:- children up to 10 years. 200:- groupdiscount when the total amount exceeds 1600:- (min.price: 1250:-)


Hu rH

How do I book?


Preferably via e-mail! info@hikehuskytours.se


You can also call us at +46 70 544 24 38, but chances are  that we are not able to answer during daytime.

How to find us


From the Branäs Infocenter on Branäsberget:


Drive west for 2,5 km. You will pass among others the exits to Vargen, Björnen and Orren / Aspen.


At the T-crossing turn left. After 400 meters you will arrive at Hike Huskytours.

See you soon !