Learn to make your own authentic tinwire bracelets made of reindeer leather and tinwire in Samish style.


The art of tin embroidery was practiced extensively among the Samish people since the 17th century.  They probably were inspired by northern tribes they traded with.  These tribes used silverwire, the Samen started using tin because they could process it inside their huts and, of course, because it was cheaper.  (Tin is sometimes called poormans silver) 

We will naturally use only authentic materials like real reindeer leather, Luletråd (pure tin with 4% silver added) and buttons of reindeer horn or birchwood.


There are several colors of leather to pick from, you choose which braid pattern to use and pick a suitable button. Making an elementary but beautiful bracelet from scratch takes about  2 to 2.5 hours.

The costs are SEK 360:- for both the material and the instruction.  Payment is by Swish or cash, no cards.


The workshop is held during the summerseason on tuesday- and friday-afternoon on Alevi camping in Fastnäs, and thursdays on Yttermalungscamping.


Other times can be arranged at our place in Gravol 70, 68051 Stöllet. Other locations are negotiable.


Who can participate? All persons older than 12, but younger children can partake also when accompanied by an adult.  The maximum groupsize is 6.


Booking in advance, preferably by email : 

or by phone: (+46) 70 5585071


Hike Huskytours

Gravol 70

68051 Stöllet


Facebook: Hike Huskytours